4 reasons you should service your car regularly

Many people have a misconception that if they buy a vehicle in good condition, then there is no need to do any maintenance work. They wait till a problem occurs. Here are the reasons why you should service your car regularly.


Road accidents occur every day as the owners of the car avoid vehicle maintenance. We often blame poor driving for these accidents, but the truth is that it happens due to the problem in cars. You should service your car regularly to make sure that it is in good working condition.

Increased performance

If you service your car regularly, the performance of your car will increase. Your car will be more reliable as well due to regular maintenance. By making sure that your car is getting the vital fluids, oils, etc., the parts will get less wear and tear.

 Low cost of ownership

If you do regular maintenance, you will be able to avoid a major malfunction. This will ultimately lower your cost of ownership. Major problems of the car can be identified early, and so fixing cost will be less.

Reduce pollution

Car emissions contribute to global pollution directly. If you maintain a car regularly, then the amount of dangerous fumes released into the air will be reduced. So, less pollution will occur.

You should make a schedule and do regular servicing of your car. This way you will be able to avoid any major accidents due to fault in the car or any high maintenance cost.

4 things to know before you purchase a new car

Buying a car is a very expensive purchase. You should never buy it on a whim. You should take time and decide. Here are four things you should know before buying a new car.

Find out your needs

You should consider the type of vehicle you want to buy. For example, if you have children then you should buy something that will accommodate your whole family. You should decide on the features you want in a car, like the color, sound system, sunroof, etc.

Don’t get things that are unnecessary

When you go to buy a new car, you are offered many extra things. You shouldn’t fall for them. You should only take what you want. For example, you don’t need rust-proofing, fabric protection, paint protection, etc. Only buy these if you can afford.

Find out your budget

If you don’t set up a budget, you can end up buying a car at a higher price than you can afford. You should think of ways to finance your car. If you have cash in hand, then it’s wise to make a large down payment. You can talk to the bank about your car loan options. You should consider your car insurance, vehicle registration and other expenses along with the cost of the car.

Do your research

You should research well to know about brands and dealers. It will help you to negotiate. You should compare car prices of various models of cars online. Get quotes from different dealers.

These tips will help you to buy a suitable car that will match your lifestyle and budget. You should take the time and consider various factors before buying the car.

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5 Things to Know About Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers

Buy Here, Pay Here dealers (BHPH dealers) offer service to those car buyers who don’t have good credit, but badly needs a car. If you are considering this option to buy a car, then you should keep the following things in mind.

They are selling a loan

You should know that they are selling you a loan at high interest rate. You can expect 18 to 21 percent loans or even higher.  This form of financing is expensive as sellers assume that you are going to default on your loan.

They will know your every move

When you buy a car from BHPH dealer, you consent to have a GPS device installed in the car, and you won’t be able to remove it. The dealer will want to know where the car is if it has been repossessed. Some dealers install devices that disable the car.

You should go to the dealers who report payments

You should report your payments to credit bureaus so that you can rebuild your credit. If you don’t report it, you might get punished. You should try to restore your credit worthiness at all cost.

Get your car inspected

Before you buy a car from BHPH dealer, get an independent mechanic to inspect the car. You should buy a car in good condition so that you don’t have to spend too much money on maintenance costs

You should buy car with less money than you can afford

The BHPH dealer will try to sell a high priced car to you, but you must resist the temptation. So, if you can afford to pay to say $500 a month, buy a car that will cost you $400 a month. You should save the rest of the money for car maintenance or down payment for buying a new car.

You should try to pay off the loan as soon as possible. There is nothing more relaxing than paying off the loan earlier. You can then think of buying another car or making other important investments in life.